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Keratoconus Treatment From Dr. Dorothy Park & Associates

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Keratoconus: Cause Unknown, Treatment Essential

Keratoconus is a condition in which your cornea becomes thinner and begins to bulge. It affects your sight and can make it difficult to see. In severe cases, it can result in scarring that may require a corneal transplant. An eye doctor at the office of Dr. Dorothy Park & Associates in Columbia, South Carolina, can help diagnose and treat the condition to help preserve your sight for as long as possible. Keratoconus is treatable, so don't delay getting a check-up from an optometrist.

What Is Keratoconus and How Is It Treated?

The exact cause of keratoconus is unknown. About ten percent of cases appear to be genetic, with the majority of cases having an unidentified cause. The condition, genetic or not, usually begins when a person is a teen or young adult, and the condition continues to get worse for a couple of decades. Rarely, the condition can worsen quickly. There may be connections between the condition and constantly irritating your eyes, such as through rubbing them or wearing contact lenses that don't fit properly. Frequent visits to an optometry office can lead to early treatment and a higher chance of minimizing the effects of keratoconus.

Most of the symptoms of early keratoconus mimic those of what others might think is merely eyesight getting worse: blurry vision, light sensitivity, and so on. But a couple of distinct symptoms can be having the vision in one eye be radically different from the other, and seeing straight lines as wavy. As the condition gets worse, you may find you have to redo your glasses prescription more often than expected. An optometrist can diagnose keratoconus with a regular eye exam and a couple of specialized tests.

Treatments vary. Scleral contact lenses, which rest on the whites or sclera and not on your cornea, are one option; corneal inserts are another. Other options include surgical procedures like corneal crosslinking.

Stop Keratoconus Progression Now

At the optometry office of Dr. Dorothy Park & Associates, you'll receive expert treatment and keratoconus care. If you're in Columbia and want to see an eye doctor, call us at (803) 254-6306 to schedule an appointment.


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