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Blue Light Dangers from our Optometrist

The Dangers of Blue Light

Blue light has become almost ubiquitous in modern life. It is generated by computer screens, phone screens, and other such displays. It also comes from some of the newer forms of high-efficiency lighting, such as LED bulbs. These bulbs are used both in the home and for big lamps such as streetlights. Though the light usually doesn't have an obvious blue tint to it, it is heavier on wavelengths in this part of the spectrum than the light produced by older types of illumination.

the dangers of blue light explained by our optometrist

What's Wrong With Blue Light?

In terms of eye health, one of the problems is that the blue light wavelengths carry more energy than other wavelengths of visible light. This puts stress on the eyes, and this can cause dry eye, eye strain, trouble focusing, and general visual fatigue.

General health can also be negatively affected by blue light. Viewing it during the dark hours fools the body into thinking it's still daytime, and this delays or prevents the drowsiness that normally makes it easy to fall asleep at night. In some cases, night sleep becomes almost impossible.

How Can These Problems be Avoided?

For some people, avoiding these problems is as simple as stopping all screen use several hours before their intended bedtime. Most, however, do not want to stop using their computers and phones so early. Because of this, the best way to avoid problems from blue light is to wear glasses meant to block it.

How to Get Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Before getting any glasses, it's a good idea to get an eye exam from a doctor of optometry. This lets you find out if you need prescription vision correction, and if so, what the prescription should be. Then, if you do need a prescription, it can be added to your lenses so they will do everything you need them to.

Contact Our Local Optometrist and Make an Appointment Today

To make an appointment with our optometrist in Columbia for eye exams and other eye care, just give us a call here at Dr. Dorothy Park & Associates. We'll be glad to help you avoid eye strain and other problems related to blue light exposure.


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