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What Should You Do If You Have Debris In Your Eye?

Eye Trauma & Debris From Your Columbia Optometrist

eye trauma and debris

We all know how frustrating it can be to have an eyelash stuck in your eye. But unfortunately, things other than an eyelash can become lodged, and if left untreated they can cause serious problems! At Dr. Dorothy Park & Associates, our Columbia eye care team offers fast and effective treatment to help someone remove a foreign object from their eye. For the safety of your eyes and the integrity of your vision, we encourage you to keep our phone number handy in case you or a loved one ever needs help!

Debris: A Common Type of Eye Trauma That Can Happen Anywhere!

At our optometry clinic, we've helped hundreds of people from around the Columbia area get debris of all kinds out of their eyes. If a piece of dust, dirt, or another particle can get stuck, it will most likely affect your cornea (the clear protective dome over the colored part of your eye) or the conjunctiva (the protective mucous membrane that covers your inner eyelids and outer eye surface). This can happen in a variety of situations when airborne debris may be around, such as:

  • Outdoor sports (e.g., mountain biking, beach volleyball)
  • Occupational tasks (e.g., while wood-working, metalworking, or firefighting)
  • Household tasks (e.g., yard work, cleaning)

Aside from the obvious problem of pain and discomfort, debris stuck in the eye can lead to an infection or even a scratched corneal surface, so early treatment is key to prevent these complications.

What to Do if You Get Debris in Your Eye

Of course, your best course of action is to prevent debris from getting into your eye in the first place! To do this, always be sure to wear protective eyewear that is required or recommended based on the activity you're doing. 

If you do end up getting debris lodged in your eye, then call a nearby optometrist. You'll be given advice on what to do based on the size of the particle stuck and the severity of your symptoms (look for a feeling of grittiness or something stuck as well as redness, pain, and watery discharge). You may be advised to try an eye flush or visit your local eye care center to get professional treatment. 

No matter what you do, try not to touch your eye or manually remove the debris unless directed to do so by an optometrist (and be sure to thoroughly wash your hands first!). 

Something Stuck In Your Eye? Call Our Columbia Optometrist for Help

Are you concerned about your eyes? Call Dr. Dorothy Park & Associates today at (803) 254-6306 to schedule a consultation with our Columbia optometrist as soon as possible. We proudly offer after hour and emergency calls as well, so don't delay. 


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