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Pediatric Optometry: Specialized Care That Helps Your Children See Better

Children with uncorrected vision problems can face significant challenges when it comes to learning in school, participating in athletic sports, and even making friends. Quality eye care is important for removing these barriers and helping your child live life to his or her fullest potential. If your child’s doctor has recommended a pediatric eye care exam, our optometrists in the Midlands are here to help. Our optometrists understand the unique challenges in providing specialized eye care for young children. From routine eye exams to specialized c are for conditions such as keratoconus , lazy eye (amblyopia) and strabismus our optometrists provide the compassionate, expert care that your child deserves.

Improve Your Child's Vision with Pediatric Eye Care

Eye exams are important for young children. An undiagnosed eye problem can make it difficult for your child to succeed academically and participate in sports. Over time, the brain will learn to accommodate poor vision, just as the brain trains the body to walk or speak. Early detection is essential to correcting vision problems before these issues adversely impact your child.

Our pediatric optometry team recommends an initial eye exam during the preschool years. This period is especially important for young children’s growth and development. Young children depend on their vision to master basic motor skills, learn to read and write, and prepare for school. This time is important for parents to be alert to potential vision problems, such as crossed eyes. A lazy eye may also develop as a result of crossed eyes, which can lead to difficulty in recognizing numbers, letters, colors and shapes. Approximately 10 percent of all preschool children have vision problems, according to the American Public Health Association. A pediatric eye exam is an important opportunity for our optometrists to diagnose and correct any vision concerns.

At Dr. Dorothy Park & Associates, we offer comprehensive vision, which is quite different from school or pediatric's office vision screenings. A vision screening is a limited vision evaluation that may identify a potential vision concern, but cannot diagnose or correct this problem. A visual examination by our optometrists will include an evaluation of your child’s eye muscle movements, a thorough examination of the eyes' health, and the eyes ' visual behavior. These exams are a comprehensive assessment of your child’s vision.

As your child grows, we recommend regular eye exams to monitor your child’s vision. These exams will monitor visual acuity, eye focus and tracking, eye-hand coordination, visual perception, and eye teaming. If your child has glasses and is interested in contact lenses, please note that our optometrists generally recommend contact lenses only for children who are mature enough to follow each and every detail of instructions that we give. Our optometrists also provide specialty lens services for children with conditions such as keratoconus (an eye disease affecting the structure of the cornea) and aphakia (damage or absence of the lens).

To learn more about pediatric eye care and vision exams, schedule an appointment with our optometrists.


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