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Dry Eye Treatment

When visiting Dr. Dorothy Park & Associates, optometry professionals in Columbia you may want to discuss the symptoms of dry eye and dry eye treatment. While for most people, dry eye is only a temporary and occasional problem, for many others it can be chronic and negatively affect their ability to perform well at work or enjoy simple activities like watching television.


Causes of Dry Eye

Dry eye as a medical condition can be a result of your eyes not making enough tears to keep your eyes moist. Tears are necessary to lubricate the surface of eyes and facilitate the process of blinking. Tears also help wash away debris such as dust and germs out of the eye. 

According to WebMD, "When your lacrimal gland doesn’t make enough tears, it causes dry eye. Another name for this type is keratoconjunctivitis sicca. You might have it because your eyes have aged and aren’t able to make tears the way they used to." 

Medical dry eye can also be a secondary condition in people with diabetes, thyroid disorders, or lupus. Your optometry professional may also discuss your diet. A vitamin A deficiency can also contribute to dry eyes.

Dry eye may be caused by lifestyle choices or your environment. Factors that may contribute to dry eyes include:

  • staring at computer screens
  • lack of quality sleep
  • air pollutants or poor quality air
  • allergens, mold, and dust
  • air conditioning or dry air

Finally, dry eye can also be a side effect of certain medications. These include antihistamines, decongestants, blood pressure mediation, and sometimes birth control pills.

Dry Eye Treatment

Your optometrist will consider many options for dry eye treatment, including high-quality, over-the-counter eye drops. These products have advanced tremendously and can be a solution for those with mild to moderate dry eye symptoms.

Many other people may need more extensive help, especially when the cause of their dry eyes is the lack of tear production or inflammation of the eye. After a comprehensive eye exam and discussion of your dry eye symptoms, your optometrist may prescribe medications. This is a solution after it has been determined that any underlying or secondary causes of your dry eyes have been addressed.

Some medications to be considered include prescription-strength eye drops that may contain antibiotics, short-term use of eye drops with corticosteroids to control cornea inflammation, or tear-stimulating medications to increase tear production.

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