Eye and Vision Exams

Eye and Vision Exams at Dr. Dorothy Park & Associates in Columbia, SC

Your eyes play an important role in your perception and view of the world. You want to take measures to keep your eyes healthy at every stage of life. At Dr. Dorothy Park and Associated in Columbia, SC, we understand the value of good vision. That is why we offer eye exams that focus on the health of your eyes.

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Eye Exam Basics

Eye exams fall into different categories based on the age of the individual involved and the type of exam you want for your eyes. In our clinic, we offer eye exams for all age groups. We check on the eyes of young children as well as adults and seniors. Our eye care professional understands the risks and concerns that arise throughout your life and we take measures to check on your vision.

Types of Exams Available in Our Columbia Clinic

The types of eye exams we offer in our Columbia clinic give you a chance to find the right solution for your vision. We offer contact lens exams, comprehensive exams, and basic vision screenings. A basic vision exam is a test to check on any changes to your vision over time. You want a vision screening every six months to one year to ensure that you have the correct prescription for your eyes.

A comprehensive exam checks on more complex eye conditions. We check the pressure in your eyes and look for any signs of eye conditions. We may also dilate your pupils to check for certain concerns. Our recommendations for a comprehensive exam depend on your age and the risks to your eyes. We may suggest annual exams or bi-annual exams.

Contact lens exams differ from comprehensive exams and basic vision screenings. You go through a similar screening for your vision and tests for eye conditions that limit your options for contacts. We also measure your eyes to ensure you have the correct size when you order your lenses.

Tests During the Exams

The tests we perform during an eye exam depend on the type of exam you need. Comprehensive exams look into your history of treatment, depth perception, color vision and peripheral vision. If you decide to wear contacts, then we use keratometry to measure your cornea and the way light refracts into your eyes. We also use a test to measure the pressure in your eyes. Depending on the results of our initial tests, we may suggest further testing if we have concerns about your vision.

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When you want to keep your eyes healthy, you need regular vision exams to keep up with changes to your eyes. For more details about our exams or to make an appointment at Dr. Dorothy Park & Associates in Columbia, SC, call 803-254-6306 today.


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  • "Dr. Park is such a sweet person and consequently, makes an excellent doctor. Not only is she caring and compassionate with her patients, she participates actively in her community in "giving back". If you are looking for a great doctor to care for your vision, look no further--she's the one!"
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