Eye Focusing Problems

Treatment for Eye Focusing Problems in Columbia, SC

Do you find that your eyes are having trouble bringing objects into focus? Focusing problems may be related to age-related changes in the eye, occupational eye strain, or eye function errors that prevent the eye muscles from doing their job properly. Identifying and correcting this problem is critically important if you hope to regain useful eyesight. Fortunately, you can get the help you need for eye focusing problems through the vision therapy and other techniques offered at Dr. Dorothy Park and Associates, our optometrist in Columbia, SC.

Treatment for Eye Focusing Problems in Columbia, SC

Causes of Eye Focusing Problems

Your eyes adjust their focus automatically to enable you to see objects at a specific distance. This focusing system employs small muscles that flex the lenses of the eyes. These adjustments usually occur effortlessly and almost instantly, but this degree of responsiveness isn't always possible. For instance, if your eyes get fatigued from a long period of near focus, your vision may appear blurry when you shift it to view some distant object. Natural age-related changes can also make changes in focus more difficult. In a condition called presbyopia, for instance, the lenses stiffen up, presenting serious challenges to the focusing muscles.

Other focus problems belong to a category called accommodative dysfunction. Examples include:

  • Accommodative Insufficiency- Difficulty maintaining near focus for any length of time.
  • Accommodative Infacility- Problems shifting between near and distance focus.
  • Accommodative Spasm- Spasms of the focusing muscles that impair your ability to focus at any distance.

If you're experiencing chronic headaches, eye fatigue, and blurred vision, you probably suffer from a focusing problem. A loved one suffering from such problems may show signs such as holding books close to the face or having obvious problems reading or writing.

Vision Therapy and Other Options for Improving Eye Function

Our optometrist in Columbia can find out what's behind your eye focusing issues. Near-vision problems that begin at around age 40 are likely to be associated with presbyopia. We can test your visual acuity and prescribe "readers" or multifocal lenses to compensate. Corrective lenses may also be helpful for accommodative dysfunctions. Problems related to the eye muscles can be treated with vision therapy exercises that help to normalize muscle function.

Talk to Our Vision Therapist in Columbia, SC

If you think that your eyes or those of your loved ones might benefit from an optometrist or vision therapist in Columbia, SC, then it's time to contact Dr. Dorothy Park and Associates. Call 803-254-6306 today to schedule an eye and vision exam, and let us work on restoring focus to your life.


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