Eye Tracking Problems

Treatment of Eye Tracking Problems from Our Vision Therapist

Did you know that your eyes are always moving, even when you don't see, feel, or notice the motion? These movements allow us to maintain a steady focus on a line of text or moving object. Without accurate eye tracking, reading, writing, and other essential tasks can become difficult and uncomfortable. Here at Dr. Dorothy Park and Associates, our vision therapist in Columbia, SC, can evaluate an eye tracking problem in any member of your family, and prescribe treatment techniques to get that problem under control.

Eye Tracking Problems

Issues That Can Affect Eye Tracking

Your eyes' motions are controlled by your brain and nervous system, with both eyes ideally moving as a team at all times to maintain sharp focus and binocular vision. These concerted movements aren't as smooth as they might seem, either to you or to an observer. That's because the eyes actually move in tiny jumps called saccades. If these saccades don't occur with perfect coordination and timing, the eyes can't work together as they should in order to adjust for motion. This dysfunction is especially troublesome when reading or writing. Children with eye tracking errors tend to skip words in sentences or experience distracting eye strain, exaggerating their head motions as they read in an unsuccessful effort to compensate. Academic struggles and learning disorders can sometimes be traced to eye tracking errors.

Why do eye tracking errors happen? In some cases, the culprit is a neurological issue such as a concussion or stroke. Diseases or disorders that interfere with normal eye muscle function can also interfere with tracking. Incorrect eye alignment (strabismus) is yet another potential cause.

Diagnosing and Correcting an Eye Tracking Problem

If you suspect that an eye tracking problem is affecting you or one of your loved ones, it's time to schedule an appointment at Dr. Dorothy Park and Associates. Our optometrist in Columbia can run a series of tests to see exactly how well the eyes can track objects in motion. Vision therapy is often prescribed to help overcome muscle weakness or coordination problems. We can schedule a course of vision therapy exercises to help improve fine muscle coordination and control. Vision therapy can also help straighten out an underlying eye misalignment.

Concerned about a Possible Vision Problem? Contact Our Optometrist in Columbia

Don't let eye tracking problems or other vision issues reduce your loved ones' quality of life. Call our optometrist in Columbia at 803-232-7784 to schedule an eye function assessment and any necessary treatment.


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