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Perfect eyes are a relatively rare phenomenon, and many people experience refractive errors and vision problems as a result of minor irregularities. If you suffer from a condition known as keratoconus, those irregularities may not be minor at all. This deformation of the corneas can lead to serious vision issues that may require special forms of treatment. Fortunately, you can get help for your keratoconus here at our Columbia SC optometry clinic, Dr. Dorothy Park & Associates.


The Irregular World of Keratoconus

Clear vision depends, first and foremost, on the correct refraction of the light that enters the eyes. One key to proper refraction is the shape of the corneas, those transparent "windows" that allow light to pass through the lenses to the retinas. Any deviation from a normal, spherical corneal curvature can introduce distortion and cause vision issues. In the case of keratoconus, the corneas have bulged outward into a conical shape. As you might imagine, this deformation can cause major refractive errors, including both severe astigmatism and myopia (nearsightedness). To make matters worse, severe keratoconus can sometimes cause cracks to develop in the corneal tissue, adding even more blurriness to your vision until the cracks manage to heal.

Keratoconus is associated with unusually weak corneal tissues. Oxidative damage can weaken the collagen fibers that support the corneal curvature. You may also have inherited thin or weak corneas. Exterior stimuli such as excessive eye rubbing can aggravate the condition. Keratoconus generally begins in young adulthood, although it can appear later in life.

Diagnosis and Treatment Options from Our Eye Doctor

Our eye doctor can diagnose keratoconus by examining your corneas as part of a comprehensive eye exam. We can detect any deviation from a normal corneal curvature, note how your refraction is being affected, and use vision testing to check for astigmatism and/or myopia.

Sometimes keratoconus can be corrected through eyeglasses. Contact lenses usually do a better job, but not just any contact lenses. Instead of standard soft contacts, we may prescribe specialized toric soft contacts or RGP (rigid gas permeable) lenses that do a better job of holding their shape. Scleral contact lenses are an excellent choice because they don't sit on the corneas at all, resting instead on the whites of the eye. If you need more advanced care, we can refer you to the necessary specialist.

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