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Multifocal lenses have helped older individuals see clearly for hundreds of years. But while bifocals and trifocals can do a fine job of correcting presbyopia, they also present some frustrations -- including the problem of annoying and embarrassing visible lines. If you want traditional multifocal lenses without the lines, turn to Dr. Dorothy Park & Associates. Our Columbia SC eye doctor can fit you with discreet, effective no-line lenses.


When Aging Eyes Need More Than One Kind of Correction

As people pass the age of 40, the lenses of their eyes get stiffer. This loss of flexibility means that your focusing muscles can shift the lens from one distance field to another as easily as they once did. As a result, you start losing your ability to focus on close-up objects or fine print. If you also suffer from nearsightedness (a refractive error in which distant objects appear blurry), you now need helping to see at all distances. Bifocals place a near-vision correction below the eye line and a distance-vision correction above the eye line.

If you also need help seeing objects just beyond arm's length, you might want trifocals instead of bifocals. These glasses add a slim third segment near the center of the lens to bring this range into focus.

One downside to traditional bifocals and trifocals takes the form of obvious lines separating the different lens segments. These lines not only make your vision less than optimal; they also advertise to the world that you are old enough to suffer from presbyopia.

Types of No Line Lenses at Our Optometry Center

Our optometry center can provide you with a solution to these disadvantages: No-line bifocals. People commonly (and correctly) use this term to describe progressive lenses, which blend different distance fields to create smooth, seamless transitions. However, you can also get bifocals that still place the different fields in separate segments, only without those upsetting lines. Inner bifocals hide the separation by placing the near-vision segment on the inner surface of the lens. Blended bifocals smooth the line between the segments to render it less visible.

Why might you choose these no-line lenses over progressive lenses? You might have gotten used to standard bifocals over the years, or you may simply not like using progressive lenses.

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