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Eye Exams from our Columbia Optometrist

At Dr. Dorothy Park & Associates, we are your resource for eye exams in the Columbia area. Our optometry team is excited to help you protect the health of your eyes, while ensuring that you can see as well as possible. Our comprehensive eye exams are the best way for you to protect yourself from common eye diseases, and our options for glasses and contacts are second to none. Please contact us now to schedule your eye exam!

Eye Exams

See Clearly and Protect Your Vision

An annual visit to your optometrist is important for several reasons. Most people who need vision correction come to see us when their current prescription stops working so well, while others come when they are having trouble seeing or having other issues with their eyes. While we are always happy to help with all your vision needs, we want to encourage you to come and get an eye exam at least once a year. Regular visits allow us to not only ensure your prescription is good, but also to identify early signs of eye disease and get you the treatments you need to preserve the health of your eyes.

Eye Exams are a Necessity for Good Eye Health

Eye diseases are often slow to develop, and even slower to show symptoms that you will recognize. If you wait to come see your eye doctor when you are having issues with your eyes, you may be waiting longer than you should.

Our comprehensive eye exams are designed to detect early signs of a wide variety of eye diseases and conditions, including:


Glaucoma is much more common than most people realize. An increase of pressure in the eye due to problems with fluid drainage, glaucoma can eventually damage the optic nerve. The disease is not preventable, but there are treatments that can help preserve your vision – especially treatment starts early in the disease.

Diabetic Retinopathy

The small blood vessels in the eye can start to leak if diabetes is not kept under control. The leakage can lead to damage in the eye, eventually causing blindness. Regular eye exams are extremely important for diabetics and those with a family history of diabetes.


Cloudy vision could be caused by cataracts. While they tend to develop in elderly people, cataracts can develop in children and young people. There are good treatment options for cataracts, up to and including surgery if necessary.

Vision Correction

Your vision is the most important sense you have, allowing you to navigate the world and enjoy everything life has to offer. We encourage all our patients to come and get an eye exam once a year to make sure that their prescription is ideal. We can also provide you with a variety of vision correction options, including:

Eye Glasses

We can guide you towards lenses and frames that fit your lifestyle needs. Our office has a wide selection of stylish frames, and a team dedicated to fitting your glasses and making sure you have everything you need from your glasses.


There are numerous types of contacts available, designed to fit the lifestyle and vision needs of just about everyone. An eye doctor can help you determine which type is right for you, and make certain your contacts fit the way they are supposed to.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Appointment

Our Columbia, SC, optometry team is ready and waiting to help you with all your eye care needs. You only need to give us a call at (803) 254-6306 today to schedule your appointment with an optometrist!