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As we all get older, so do our eyes. Age can bring some unwelcome developments to eye health and visual acuity, including a condition called presbyopia that interferes with your ability to see near objects or text clearly without strain. Fortunately, progressive glasses or contacts can help you overcome this limitation without the annoying lens lines of bifocals or trifocals. You can get the ideal progressive lenses for your needs at Dr. Dorothy Park & Associates in Columbia, SC.


Glasses and Contacts for Correcting Presbyopia

Presbyopia usually makes its first appearance at around the age of 40. As the lenses of the eyes stiffen, the tiny muscles that adjust the eyes’ focus can no longer bend the lenses easily. This limitation can make near vision harder and harder to bring into focus without experiencing fatigue, headaches, and other symptoms of eye strain. If you already have myopia (a condition that affects distance vision focus), you may now find both near focus and distance focus a challenge.

Multifocal lenses fix this problem. The earliest solutions, such as the traditional bifocals developed by Benjamin Franklin, included a near-vision correction toward the bottom of the lens and a distance-vision correction toward the top. A third corrective field was later added to create trifocals. However, these solutions also enforce jarring shifts between visual fields, while the separate segments can embarrass individuals sensitive about their advancing age.

Progressive lenses eliminate these issues by offering a single, blended lens shape instead of defined segments. The correction progresses in a smooth flow from distance vision through intermediate vision to near vision, giving glasses wearers a more natural experience and a more youthful appearance than lined multifocals.

You can also get progressive lenses in the form of aspheric contacts. Progressive contact lenses offer a blended correction from near vision (toward the center) to distance vision (toward the rim).

What to Expect from Your Progressive Lens Fitting

A comprehensive vision exam can determine the precise degree of your presbyopia and how much magnification you need for your near vision. During the fitting, we will note the alignment of your pupils against the lenses to be fabricated. If you feel that your near vision sits too high or low, we can redo the lenses. You may need some time to get used to wearing progressive lenses, but most people adjust readily within days or weeks.

Need Progressive Lenses? Contact Our Columbia Optometrist

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